Dear Customer!
Oktan Energy as a proven fuel supplier notifies you about changing legal and tax realities in the energy industry.

The Act on the monitoring system for the road transport of goods, referred to as the SENT Act or as the Transport Package, which has been in force since April 18, 2017, imposes on the fuel industry entities a number of new obligations.

They concern:


Sending Entity


Receiving entity


Carrier and driver

Each entity covered by the system is obliged to submit notifications regarding the transport and collection of fuel products in the SENT system. All Oktan Energy customers must register under the PUESC platform and SENT system, and then confirm the transport of goods. Each entity receiving supplements to the notification in the SENT system, no later than on the workday following the day of delivery of the products. You need help?

We’ve prepared instructions for using SENT for you.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our specialist.

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