Closing the notification

1. After logging in to the account, we invade the “e-Services Catalog” field. After expanding the bar, click “e-Transport”

Click “Go to carriage of goods notifications”

2. From the list of forms choose the third position from the bottom, “Supplement, Update, Close, Cancel, Status of the transport declaration”

3. Enter the reference number and recipient’s key in the fields, as appropriate, which are on the GM documents.

4. All delivery related information will appear, click ‘Finish SENT’.

5. In point 2. we leave the box “Delivery in accordance with the declaration” when the quantity ordered to the quantity delivered does not differ by more than 10%, i.e. we order 1000 liters, the delivery is in accordance with the declaration when it was delivered between 901 and 1099 liters. 

In the delivered volume of goods, we can enter the amount of goods in 15 degrees Celsius from the WZ document.

6. In point 5, click on the “I declare that …” box. The “save” window will appear in the lower right corner.